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Trumba Corporation Goes Beyond Events with New Custom Objects Feature

Custom Objects allow creation and publication of any type of content, anywhere on your website

Seattle, WA, April 27, 2010 – Trumba Corporation, a developer of innovative online event promotion and event publishing technology, announces the release of Custom Objects. The Custom Objects feature allows creation and publication, of any event-related (or non-event related) content, such as venues, performers, instructors and more.

Dan Hickman, president of Trumba Corporation, notes “We’ve leveraged the powerful technology we’ve developed for publishing calendars to create Custom Objects so our customers can use Trumba to publish customizable and searchable lists of any kind. Trumba’s Custom Objects feature--really a powerful relational database publishing tool--lets you create any type of content that you want to connect to events--and display it in a variety of ways. And, you can use Custom Objects to store and manage all sorts of data that you want to display—even if it’s not related to your event calendar. With Custom Objects, we’re offering functionality that our competitors don’t have.”

Organizations already see the added value that Custom Objects provides. Since January 2009, the City of Seattle has been using Trumba® Connect to power over a dozen of its department calendars. Seattle residents and visitors come to city calendars looking for detailed event and venue information, and Custom Objects will help them find what they need.

“The City uses Custom Objects to enhance our existing calendar information with additional venue information for our residents and event-calendar users,” says City of Seattle’s Steve Ripley, Trumba Calendar Lead and Web Designer on the Citywide Web Team. “Venue information is important for our event-calendar users, especially with items like venue parking, venue photos, maps with venue locations, and venue contact info. The ability to store venue and Custom Object data in the Trumba database saves us and our users time, as we only need to enter venue data once. Also, the customized views that can be attached to Custom Objects add even more value—users are able to see all of the events associated with any given Custom Object item. This is extremely helpful, for example, to users who are looking for all events at a particular city facility.”

The City of Seattle’s emergency management calendar is one of several city calendars currently using Custom Objects. In the emergency management calendar’s event listings, the Custom Objects feature allows detailed, interactive information to be displayed. Users can hover over the location to view high-level information about the venue. Users can click on the location name to see full venue information, including venue description, hours of operation, map, all events occurring at the venue, and more.

Steve and his team plan to roll out Custom Object functionality to other city calendars over the coming months.

“Not only have we used Custom Objects to enhance our calendars,” Ripley continues, “but we are also starting to use Custom Objects to publish versions of our department and facility lists. The ability to customize the views gives our users lots of control: they can view the lists as maps with bulleted venue items, or sort the lists by facility type or neighborhood--or do a keyword search.”

“We consider Custom Objects to be an important and ongoing enhancement to our online calendar,” concludes Ripley. “As always, we are impressed by the Trumba staff’s dedication to their product, the Trumba product’s rock-solid stability, and a reliable and knowledgeable development process with Trumba staff as we continue to learn how to maximize the power of Custom Objects to best serve our customers.”

About Trumba

Trumba Corporation is a Seattle-based developer of innovative online event presentation and content management technology. The company’s flagship product, Trumba Connect, allows organizations to embed highly interactive and customizable calendars within their websites. Trumba customers also benefit from an array of event-centric tools that include the ability to leverage user-generated content through event submission forms, create categories of calendars based on event types or geography, drop events onto an array of personal calendaring solutions and much more. Trumba technology is used by a wide variety of organizations, including The New York Times, the Smithsonian Institute, Harvard University, Emory University and many cities throughout the United States. Trumba Connect is a subscription-based service. The company is privately held and backed by three of the industry’s leading venture capital firms: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, August Capital and Oak Investment Partners. To find out more about Trumba, visit

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