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Event Actions

Event actions increase the likelihood that site visitors remember, attend, promote, and share information about your events.

Add to calendar and forward to friends

Visitors can easily add events to their personal calendars so they'll remember your events. Forward to Friends lets visitors share and promote your events.

Reminders and change notifications

Your audience can keep up to date with your events through reminders and change notifications, increasing attendance and decreasing the number of missed updates.

Post to social media

It’s easy to post events to your Facebook news feed, quickly tweet about events, and post event information on LinkedIn. Posts link back to the event details on your website, helping increase awareness and interest in your events.

My events

Visitor accounts give your audience a personalized list of the events they care about. They can sign in using Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Single Sign On accounts.

Email your calendar

Visitors can subscribe to regular calendar emails, to stay up to date with your whole calendar.

Calendar subscriptions

You can keep people coming back with automated feeds. iCal, RSS, and CML (Atom) feeds provide another easy way for your audience to stay current with your calendar and upcoming events.

Event submissions

Site visitors can propose events on your website or intranet using custom event submission forms. You can decide whether to approve the events before they go live.

My submissions

With visitor accounts, event submitters can track the approval status of events they've submitted and withdraw unapproved submitted events.

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